I spent the entire year working from home, and my desire to change something in my apartment got stronger than ever. In that time, I noticed every single detail that was faulty, needed to be repaired, replaced, or simply looked out of place. Most importantly, I realized that my house is my wonderland for the foreseeable future, and it's more important than ever to design and decorate it to my liking. Comfort, functionality, beauty, and affordability are the factors I value these days. I want to feel that home is the place I not only want to come back to, but I also look forward to working and entertaining from. I rounded up a few essential items for your interiors: all manufactured, designed, or made in Poland that recently attracted my attention.

1. Armchair / EKIERKI 2. Lamp / LYSNE 3. Mirror / THLO
4. Mugs by Karolina SzelÄ…g / PORCELANOWA 5. Flower pot / ALLEGRO 6. Pillow / BOHO LOVE

When redecorating the apartment, I first think of starting big, i.e. buying a sofa that will completely change the style of the room. I like adding finishing touches like a unique vintage lamp or a few contrastive pillows to make my place look more put together. The personality of my home can be reflected in many different aspects. Beautiful coffee-table books, art, and well-crafted decor can elevate the style of any interiors. I like to feel that I am in charge, being the architect and the designer of the process. At the same time, I avoid stress, and I try not to deprive myself of the opportunity to enjoy it! Last few weeks I devoted a lot of time to find a new armchair for my living room. While I can go bold with home decor (posters, light fixtures, etc.), furniture items have to lay the foundation for my living space in the most efficient way possible.  The craftsmanship and skill required to make such exquisite armchairs as made by the Polish companies EKIERKI convince me that these are investment-worthy pieces that will never go out of style. I love finding home essentials that were manufactured beautifully and locally. I hope you will find time to find out more about the mission and visions of the brands I listed in this post, which make modern Polish furniture, decorative items,, and art.

3. Painting by Hanna Banaszczyk / ART IN THE HOUSE 4. Plant stand / LOFTLO

I realized that designing and decorating your home can only bring satisfaction if it is a slow and gradual process. Certain things can be purchased by chance, the other items will have to be researched thoroughly for months or even years. However, once you find the right ones, you will know they were worth the wait.

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