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Hello, my Fellow-Winter Survivors and all those who live in the more favorable climate conditions! It is high time to share my first monthly inspirations for body and soul in 2017. It is impossible to escape the big winter-theme in my post, but I still hope even those who are currently enjoying Pina-Coladas under the beach umbrellas and unbearably blue skies, will find something useful and inspiring here.
My first fashion purchase of 2017 is this black lacy gypsy-bohemian blouse from & Other Stories. It so happens that the brand opened its first official store in Warsaw, just when I moved back to Poland and I am  happy because of that. & Other Stories is a brand in H&M group, which really catches the nuances of street fashion in a fast and efficient way. I got to know them due to their collaborations with one of my favorite American Indie Designer Rachel Antonoff. When you enter their stores, you just feel the Scandinavian aesthetics mixed with a hint of a romantic  French girl's style. I needed a top which would be perfect for outings with friends but at the same time could be quickly transformed into a part of a daily outfit and hooray, I found my new favorite blouse!

Londyn 1967
After living for more than 10 years in a city that never sleeps, I can readily agree that London is a European New York. There is so much going there on in the fashion, culture and art arena that it is almost impossible to keep track. However, to understand how London became a hub of modern European culture, some deep insight into its social and cultural history is needed. Piotr Szarota offers an entertaining cultural guide into psychology of London in 1967 with its vibrant music, cultural, art life and its poets, musicians, rebels, and intellectuals. It is definitely a page-turner, and hopefully, soon it will be translated into English.

As temperatures dropped below -20 last week, some practicality must have sneaked into my list. Nothing makes you feel warmer when you are waiting for the bus on a windy winter night than a pair of beautiful knitted, soft as a baby bottom, wool mittens. NO other brand makes them more appealing than Polish Lawina!! Even if you hate winter, you will love those gloves.

Savannah Bee
In winter nothing suffers more than a delicate skin of yours. Therefore I am on a lookout for all sorts of remedies, and this is how I came across this very nourishing body butter. The fact that it is a "fit for a queen" made me convinced to get it even faster. To all winter queens, it will make your dry skin radiant!

Everyone in my life knows I am not a big fan of winter hats but when you live in a country where you feel that after being outside for 20 minutes that your head will freeze off, you have no other choice but to find a solution most endearing to your fashion style and your health. All those who read this blog might remember my post about Polish fashion brand B-sides. They are very carefully selected yarns will guarantee that not only you will look cool but also feel so protected from your biggest winter enemies: snow and the wind. I am a bit of fed-up with pom-pom craziness, so I welcomed this new knitted hat with joy!

Finally, a movie that I am waiting for with such anticipation, Manchester by the Sea. I did not read much about it, just glanced through a lot of pictures and listened to an interview with Casey Affleck and Terry Gross from NPR and that was enough to convince me that it might be a movie that I must watch. Long not seen, Michelle Williams and Casey in one film guarantee good quality and lots of emotions. There is something about Casey Affleck and his choices of movies that impress me. His melancholy, forever-boyish physique and genuine honesty make him stand out of the pack of young actors in Hollywood. The film will be in movie theaters in Poland from January 20th. 

Winter is one of the trickiest seasons of the year when it comes to our moods, stamina, enthusiasm, and lust for life. I am always curious when I hear that people love winter, I do not hate it, but it takes a muscle for me to find ways to combat the feeling that days are too short, too dark and cold and the shadow of new year's resolutions is haunting me unexpectedly. However, as long as there are things that inspire me, all is good! Please share your January inspirations and stay healthy. Spring will come sooner than you think!

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