Kate Moss wearing flared jeans

Wide leg pants have been in my closet since I was in high school. I bought my first pair of bell-bottoms in Toronto at the age of 17 and I have loved them ever since! They are not for everyone some of you might say. I partially agree with that. They can make some women look super good and not be exactly flattering for the others. Most of you know what type of pants suits you best after repeated trials and errors. The beauty of the wide-leg pants is that there are so many types available from palazzo pants, high or low waist flare, boot cut to cropped flare pants. It's helpful to learn how to wear them best from such style icons as the Olsen twins, Sienna Miller or Victoria Beckham  You can experiment with styling your pants as part of the elegant evening look inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent's muses or go back to the roots of the best street fashion looks. One thing for sure, if the wide-leg pants are worn in the right way with the suitable shoes, they can really lengthen the legs of any woman. If you need inspiration on how to create the best look based on the wide-leg pants, I have some suggestions.

Let's begin with what I am planning to wear for the evening out once the lockdown is over and we will finally be able to wine and dine at restaurants. My closet is a fun combination of second-hand options and some brand new purchases. After all those months spent inside, I want to add as much color as possible to my looks. However, for a person who likes black as much as I do, I need time to slowly adjust to the idea. Long black smoking jackets can be easily paired with high-waist pants in bright colors. I always am less formal, more bohemian when it comes to fashion choices. Therefore,  the embroidered clutch and some boots inspired by the tradition of the wild west help me achieve a never-boring look. 

1. Winter Coat by Bershka 2. Flared jeans by Victoria Beckham  3. Cortez Basic Sneakers by Nike

For a more relaxed day look, I highly recommend denim flared jeans worn with a pair of basic white sneakers that will never go out of style. If you feel like you disappear in the mass of grey and black winter coats, opt for a neon orange soft teddy coat that is cruelty-free and for sure guarantees that you stand out in any crowd. For those of us who are not that daring, even more, toned but bright-colored outwear options can make a big difference in the middle of the very challenging January.

1. Silver Puffer Jacket by Reebok 2. Wide Leg Pants by COS 3. Hiking Boots by Pepe Jeans

Finally, as the temperatures are about to drop all over Europe, most of us will need to acquire at least one puffer jacket to feel comfortable and warm. Once again, think about some vivid color. Buy it in metallic, bright blue, make yourself happy when you run your errands in nasty weather. For a minimalist, black wide-leg pants should become a closet staple. They can be worn in so many different ways. On the days with cold weather alerts, put your fashionable hiking boots on, and don't forget the hand-knitted beanie, which compliments any winter look! On the days when you look in the mirror and think: Damn why do I dress so casually! What happened to my signature style?, find a stylish bag that you used to take out for a special occasion, like the one from Vovim, and wear it with the pride of a natural-born fashionista.

I wonder how many of you will find my suggestions useful and discover some new ways to wear wide-leg pants. Let me know!

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