I've come to a terrifying realization that I spent at least half of the last year wearing loungewear or pieces of clothing that have just been fashionably referred to as inspired by athflow. Undeniably, working from home, at least after the first few weeks, turned us into creatures of comfort. First, I was wearing sweatpants just when I was alone in my apartment. Then, in the middle of the harshest winter, I have seen in years, I started shamelessly wearing them to run my errands outside. Good thing I don't wear them on my weekly trips to the office but who knows what awaits in the future. 

Nevertheless, I have to admit I keep dreaming that when spring starts, I will automatically start going out. The natural need will arise to look better, feel more feminine, and bring my fashion spirit back. The process has just started with purchasing hidden gems on my favorite vintage clothing website and getting rid of the clothes I no longer plan to be wearing. 

As our entertainment choices have been quite limited lately, I spent a lot of time re-watching my favorite TV shows and looking at the way the leading ladies dress. I cannot travel as much as I liked in the past and going out in the way I used is out of the question at the moment. At least I can follow the adventures of the heroines on my computer screen. Not only do they kick ass, but they also dress perfectly for the occasion. If you need fashion inspiration to instantly change your current look to a successful business type, a flamboyant creative, and a modern bohemian goddess, follow my lead.

Jessica Pearson from SUITS is my favorite female executive portrayed in the television series. I like her courage, sense of humor, strong ethics, and the ability to manage her untamable, mostly male employees. Her style is sophisticated and focuses on classic essentials: expensive high heels, lavish but simple and figure-flattering dresses (no patterns here), and a spacious designer handbag. (They are so trendy in 2021!) Good news for you, you don't have to be a partner at the best New York law firm to afford to dress like Jessica. Just know less is more, and investment pieces are so worth a splurge! At the same time, you can buy basic pieces at the fit fashion stores and invest in timeless accessories! 

RIVIERA has been my favorite guilty pleasure during the lockdown. All the beautiful locations, mesmerizing architecture, interiors, the good-looking people, and the clothes! Georgina Clios, a cliche of a jet-setting wife of a rich man steals every scene of this show. I would wear all that she was wearing on the screen. Her fashion style is a big source of inspiration for me for the summer. Probably there won't be many exotic travels and parties on my agenda, but I can still hunt for midi dresses in bright colors, stilettos, and a pair of the perfect sunglasses. I will probably not be wearing them in Venice, or Paris this year. Luckily, I can wear them even for a walk in the park and nobody can stop me! 

Finallyif you are jealous of the ease that California girls dress with, just watch Judy Hale from the Netflix show Dead to Me. Her wardrobe consists of floral dresses of different lengths, cowboy boots, corduroy, and denim jackets. She entertains the modern bohemian look so effortlessly and makes it appropriate for all possible occasions. We can expect a vegan leather crossbody bag would be something she carries everywhere. Oh, Judy! You make me dream of summer!

I hope I provided you not only with directions of how to build a new look this spring or summer but also I reminded you how great those TV shows are! I know it's still February but at least we can lose ourselves in the dreamy world of the favorite series, and soon enough the spring will come. Get ready!

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