It's March, and I'm still working from home. Not to get too melodramatic, but it has been a year. March, so far, has been quite challenging for me. I believe I had far too many unrealistic expectations regarding how life would get back to a new normal in spring 2021. It's still cold with so little sun and far too many negative forecasts provided by every medium I read or watch. Therefore, more than ever before I want to shower you with positive inspirations that hopefully will be able to provide a much-needed distraction.

Let's start with something for the soul!

  • I highly recommend Bryony Gordon's article for The Telegraph. You, as well as the rest of the world, probably heard enough about the interview with Meghan and Harry conducted by Oprah. However, this article is about something far more important than celebrity gossip. It speaks about the universal need for support and counseling in times of crisis that should not be denied to anyone, from a bus driver to the wife of a prince. At the bottom of it all, we are equal when it comes to the problems of the mind. 
  • The funniest and the most entertaining podcast that I have been listening to in the last few weeks was SmartLess with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. The hosts have the strangest approach to conducting celebrity interviews, and it works! The two of my favorite episodes are with George Clooney and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Pure fun!
  • I have been a big fan of fashion and lifestyle magazines since my early childhood. Now, that everything transforms into digital, I support them even more, as holding an issue of my favorite glossy magazine makes me as happy as I was as a kid. One of my very favorite Polish magazines is USTA. Reading it, makes me feel like getting into the most fascinating book. The beauty of images, the variety of topics, and countless sources of inspiration make it truly unique! I wish it many successful years on the market!

Pin Kocham / ANNA SAMKOW; Sunglasses / IZIPIZI; Anatomy of Style / RIZZOLI
Hoodie / PAT GUZIK; Cheburashka cup / FENEK STUDIO; Candle / ILLUME

And now some inspirations for the body!

  • I had my eyes on the ceramics from the Warsaw-based Fenek Studio for quite a long time. Finally, last week I purchased a tiny cup, a sentimental item that is a reference to the legendary Soviet mascot: Cheburashka created by Eduard Uspenski. (Rumor has it that this year Disney and the Russian independent studio YBA are working on bringing this beloved creature back on the screen.)
    • I wouldn't survive lockdown without candles and now the one from Illume brings back memories of the bonfires by the lake and summer. I can guarantee that this candle will restore your good mood.
    • Two items that are part of my lock-down style are cool sunglasses (IZIPIZI) and a comfy hoodie (PAT GUZIK) with an interesting graphic message. It does not look like my obsession with eyewear and athleisure is going to go away any time soon.
    • What turns any casual outfit into a going-out attire is a shiny piece of jewelry. Lately, I am into pins and vintage brooches again. Pin it to your hoodie or the lapel of your coat and hold your head up this spring!
    • Anatomy of Style by a seasoned fashion journalist, Sophie Gachet was on my Christmas List last year. However, Santa lost his way. I feel like I need this book more than ever now, as winter wrapped me into the sweatshirt-infused coma. I need to be reminded by examples of style goddesses like Kate Moss or other fashion muses how to bring my style back this spring.
    • Finally, I have something for all of those who, like me, have problems reading books during the pandemic. It is the article from GOOD TRADE How to read more books. It helped me not to feel as guilty for watching too many TV shows and equipped me with a new perspective on how to fall in love with books again.

    For all of you, who like me lately lost a bit of hope that change will come soon, words of inspiration which instantly brought some comfort to my tormented mind:

    • "If plan A doesn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters 
    • — 204 if you're in Japan." — Claire Cook
    Stay strong, hopeful, curious, and be willing to ask for help. Remember your friends do not have to read your mind, and I am sure there will be there for you to help if you need it!

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